As our Story Begins:

You walk up to your local bar, you step through the door, as you enter, you hear the tinkling of glasses and a couple of women talking to each other.  " I'm proud to show the pups, aren't they huge ?!!! "  The other one shaking her head up and down to the beat of the music. "They're Perfect, I love it when you show them!" 

As the next song begins to play, you hear something that you have never heard before, yet you are drawn into it's allure.  Your foot starts to tap on the floor, your head bobbing to the beat. You look around and find a lot of other people doing the same.

  Suddenly, someone you don't even know hand's you your favorite beverage, then grabs you and takes you out on the dance floor bumping, grinding and shakin everything they've got and before you know it, you have begun a journey into the unknown. Welcome to the world of The Drunk'n Puppies!

With a big smile on your face and a cold beverage in your hand you settle in and enjoy the ride ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~


Disclaimer: The showing of breasts are not required, but are Encouraged!  Yes, even small breasts!!!!


Let the Puppies BREATH!!!

They need AIR too @@



Be a Bra, Support The Pups!



Just a short message to All the Wild Women out there,

 For a free rating of your breasts, simply show us what you have and we will be more than happy to give you a rating, Free of charge! We also perform free breast sizing on site!




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Video broadcasted live on the web, See it here!

The Drunkn' Puppies are now famous in Indiana

Thanks to A-Entertainment and  Tony Batman


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We want to thank them for hooking us up with a spot on their website so please check them out!

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Pictures from The Cork Room gig, May 28th 2009

Pictures from Central Station Rock Bar July 2nd 2009



Here are some of the originals!

Like Me ( new recording)


Unleashed\Fell For You


If you want to hear the rest of the songs, you'll just have to come and see us live, or request all 8 songs by download, they are available by download from our site "For Free" by sending an e-mail to one of us below.





Check out the new Calendar page for our tour dates locations and times. (When and where are the Puppies!)

This Guy is really helping us with some great Publicity, be sure to check out his site if you are over 18 years of age!



  For Booking info send an e-mail to  or call 407-683-4798 and talk to Mark

You can also now send email directly to the band member by clicking on their name below

The Band~

Scott    Harris                     Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Harmonica Dave        Harmonica's (of course), Vocals

Mark   Russi                       Drums, Vocals

Dan   Phillips                         Bass and Smiles

Jim Rogers                    Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

New update,  We want to welcome Jim Rogers to the band, He is our new guitar player. He is not only a Great friend, but a pretty DAMN good guitar player as well.


Eddie has moved to Texas to be with his family, We wish him well.

Pics from the Amber Keg Jam in Feb. 08'


Also check out our Myspace pages for more fun and news about the Puppies!!!\drunknpuppies




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